What is “Clean” Beauty?

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The world of beauty and cosmetics is vast and with its changing trends, we now see that it has shifted its spotlight from “toxic” beauty to “clean” beauty. As people are becoming more and more aware and concerned about their environment and health, there is now a renewed dedication towards a cleaner beauty regime for their lifestyles, just many cosmetic companies and brands have also started to incline towards the world of clean beauty. This latest trend revolves around fair trade, cruelty-free, eco-certified, non-toxic, and organic ingredients.

Although clean beauty has taken over the cosmetic industry, there is a need to know what clean beauty is and what it really means for a cosmetic product to be clean. So, scroll down to dive in the world of clean beauty and to learn more:

The World of Clean Beauty:

Clean beauty refers to cosmetic products that are produced without ingredients that can potentially harm human health and our planet Earth. It uses ingredients that are ethically sourced and non-toxic. When using a clean beauty product, you’ll notice that it is free of harmful ingredients commonly found in cosmetics such as, oxybenzone, silica, triclosan, talc, hydroquinone, refined petroleum, formaldehyde, ethoxylated agents, aluminum compounds, fragrances, and parabens.

The definition for clean makeup varies from company to company and is often subjective as many “clean” brands have different conditions and requirements. The list of ingredients that one company avoids using for their clean makeup can be entirely different from the list of another company. However, the general definition of clean makeup also revolves around cosmetic products that are mindfully created and produced keeping our  health and environment in view.

In addition, many people assume that clean beauty and natural beauty are synonymous when it is not entirely true. A natural cosmetic product is generally the one made of natural ingredients i.e., from plants and at times from animals while it is not necessarily the same for clean beauty. Natural beauty can be clean but clean beauty is not always entirely made of naturally derived ingredients. Contrary to natural beauty, clean beauty does not have to be free of chemicals as it can also use non-toxic and non-harmful synthetics that are considered safe for humans and the planet.

When it comes to choosing clean, natural beauty products that align with your standards, there are a few tips that can help you make sustainable clean beauty choices:

  • Ingredient Check

The first and foremost step that you need to take when putting together your clean beauty routine is to check ingredients of your cosmetic products and to make sure that you are choosing safety-certified and clean products devoid of toxic beauty ingredients.

  • Dye- and Fragrance-free Products

Fragrant products can cause cancer, have toxic hormonal effect, and irritate your skin. So, it is better to use dye- and fragrance-free products since they use fewer ingredients and are better for the environment as well.

  • Less Packaging

When you are choosing less packaging, you are also contributing towards the health of the planet. So, it is always better to opt for products that don’t come with a lot of components or non-recyclable materials.

  • DIYs

When it comes to clean beauty, there are tons of easy, simple, and fun DIYs that you can follow to create your own clean cosmetic products for your clean beauty routine. Creating your own cosmetic products will come with the added benefit of you knowing exactly what you’ll be using on your skin.

  • Environmental Causes

Whenever possible, opt for beauty brands that contribute towards the betterment of the environment or donate a portion of profits for environmental causes. In this way, you won’t only be making your beauty routine clean, you’ll also be helping in healing the planet for a better future for everyone.

Now, as people are more informed than ever, more or choosing clean beauty as the way forward. So, choose clean beauty products for healthier bodies, cleaner environments, and a greener planet!

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