How To Choose The Perfect Foundation?

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We all know beautifully done makeup that highlights your natural beauty can be a huge confidence booster, but for this to happen, it’s important that your skin is properly prepared with the suitable concealer, foundation and powder that have textures and colors ideal for your skin type. For a complete guide on how to get the best from your makeup routine [check out The Best Makeup Routine in 10 Steps].

Out of all the cosmetics used in skin preparation, foundation is the product that covers imperfections, uniforms and leaves the skin tone homogeneous. Although finding the perfect foundation may seem challenging, it really isn’t, with so many variations in colors, textures and shapes, there is an ideal foundation for every skin type and this guide will show you step-by-step on how to find the perfect foundation for you.

1 – Identify Your Skin Tone And Undertone

Before choosing any foundation, it is essential that you know your skin tone and undertone, as this makes it easier to find the ideal foundation.

Your skin tone is the one that is on the surface of your skin, such as your complexion, and can be light, medium or dark.

Your undertone is the background nuance of the skin, which can be warm, cold or neutral. An excellent way to find your undertone is by looking at the veins in your wrist, if you have greenish veins the undertone is warm, blue or violet veins indicate a cold undertone.

  • For warm undertone, yellow foundations are most recommended.
  • For cold undertone, pink or gray background foundations are ideal.
  • Neutral undertone skin works with all foundations.

2 – How To Choose The Right Foundation Shade?

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The tone and undertone are some indications that help when choosing the foundation color, knowing which ones are yours makes it easier to narrow down and eliminate options. However, as everyone’s skin is unique, the best way to really know which foundation suits your skin is to experiment. Here are some quick tests you can do to find the right shade.

Test foundation on the jaw line: apply foundation on the jaw line between the face and neck, wait for it to dry completely, and if it completely blends into your skin, you found your ideal shade!

Look at the foundation color in different lights: the light from an environment can completely affect the color of the foundation on your skin, so, when experimenting, go to an environment with natural light and see how it behaves on your skin. If the foundation is gone from your skin, it’s the right shade, if it’s showing, it’s the wrong shade.

Apply different foundation tones to both sides of the face: It is very common to find similar colors and to be in doubt which is the right one, if that happens, apply a little of each foundation on a part of your face and the one that comes closest to your skin tone is the right one. Always remember to choose foundations that have backgrounds suitable for your undertone.

3 –  How To Choose The Best Type Of Foundation?

There is a wide range of foundations that can be used from light and more natural makeup to something heavier and with intense coverage, each type has a purpose and you should choose the one that is best for your needs or skin type.

Liquid: easy to apply and light in texture, this type leaves the skin looking natural and hides pores and fine lines.

Creamy: the coverage is heavy and powerful, it is much more effective to camouflage skin imperfections.

Powder: removes excess shine in a way that disguises the pores and fine lines of the skin, but depending on how it is applied, it can leave the skin with an artificial appearance, ideally, it should be well applied and spread all over the face.

Mousse: this type hydrates and protects while hiding imperfections as it contains moisturizing and emollient factors.

4 – How To Choose The Best Foundation Finish?

Finishing is a fundamental and decisive characteristic when choosing a foundation, after all, it will impact the entire appearance of your skin. To choose the best finish, you should think about which one will benefit your skin type.

Matte finish: foundation with a dry and dull finish, the skin has a velvety effect, it’s great for oily skin.

Natural finish: the function of this finish is to mimic the skin’s natural texture while leaving it looking hydrated.

Luminous finish: in this foundation finish, the natural glow of the face is enhanced and is highly recommended for people with dry skin.

5 – How To Choose The Right Foundation For Dry/Oily Skin?

Every cosmetic for the skin should always be chosen while thinking about your skin’s characteristics, the same is true for foundation, the most suitable is the one that suits your skin type without damaging or causing a rebound effect. Recommendations for different skin types:

Dry skin: the skin is very dry and lackluster, the creamy foundation and luminous finish are great because they increase the skin’s shine and leave a natural effect.

Oily skin: this type of skin tends to have an excess of oil and shine. Dry powder and liquid foundations with a matte effect are better because it masks the skin’s shine.

Normal or mixed skin: liquid or powder type are best

Foundation can make or break your makeup routine, that’s why it’s important to always remember these tips when choosing the perfect foundation for you.

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